Dec 13, 2013

Multigenerational Households - Hawaii #1

According to the US Census Bureau, Hawaii ranks #1 as the state with the highest % of multigenerational households: 11.1% vs 5.6%, national average. The Census defines "multigeneration HH" as having 3 or more generations. 

The map below is from the US Census website.

Which ethnic group has the highest % of multigenerational homes? 
-Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (17.8%)
-Followed by Asian (13.1%)

A different Census report states that multigenerational households are more likely to be in poverty. 



Map below shows that the community's needs do not appear to be supported by current infrastructure and zoning. The Green areas are where Ohana Dwellings (secondary units) are allowed on Residential land zoned for single-family dwellings. However, the Brown circles represent the distribution of actual Multigenerational households. The Green and Brown areas have minimal overlap.