Dec 8, 2013

ArcGIS Hotspot Analysis (Getis-Ord GI*)

I'm very excited to be sharing results of my ongoing research about the spatial distribution of unpermitted secondary dwelling units in Honolulu.

Key Points:
  1. During the worst years of the economic recession in Honolulu (2008), almost 50% of all new residential dwelling permits were for illegal accessory dwelling units (Recreation or Rec Rooms).
  2.  These Rec Rooms occur more frequently in the Honolulu's urban core and Kailua/Kaneohe. Whereas new legal SFD/TFDs are concentrated more in West Oahu. 
  3. Thus the spatial distribution of where urban growth is occurring in Honolulu may be different from official policymakers' assumptions. For example, are the tenants who rent a Rec Room illegally, counted in the official US Census?  More research is needed in this area.