Dec 31, 2013

Relationship of Multigenerational Households to the Ohana Zone

Don't know why we don't see more of this kinds of maps... Love making and looking at them. 

Attached map shows relationship between Ohana Zone and Multigenerational Households -- 3 or more generations living under one roof. 

Did this to show that Ohana Zones are not located where they are needed most. Significant overlap appears to be mainly Waimanalo and Waianae -- consistent with US Census information that Hawaii has the highest rate of multigenerational households in the nation (twice the national average); with Hawaiians as the ethnicity with the highest rate. Therefore, existing policy is not working.


I wanted to do an overlay of multigen HH with the hotspot analysis of Illegal Accessory Dwellings, but that analysis was based on Census block grp, and multigen is only avail at the tract level. I'll try to get to that later.