Aug 3, 2013

Hawaii State Bill to Create ADUs (testimony) is Held in committee

Civic engagement in action... woohoo!

Click link to watch testimony and read the agenda.

This hearing was held in Feb 2013. The discussion on Bill 738 begins at 1:53:20.

Although Chair Evans states in the video that there were approx 34 people or organizations that submitted testimony, the legislative website does not make all of the testimony available: HB738 testimony; SB1224 testimony.

There also seems to be general confusion as to the difference between an Accessory Dwelling Unit vs Transient Vacation Rentals vs B&B's. These are similar but different uses.

My understanding of the issues surrounding ADUs is constantly evolving, but at this time, i feel the best way to tackle this issue is at the county level. But I am grateful to Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland for trying to improve the housing situation in Honolulu. =)

Requires the counties to allow the construction of accessory dwelling units on lots on which a residential dwelling unit is permitted, except for lots situated on state agricultural lands in any county with a population of five hundred thousand or fewer persons. (HB738 HD1)