Jul 28, 2013

Strategies to Address Homelessness

A 2009 Canadian non-profit organization (Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC)) linked the adoption and spread of  ADUs/Secondary Suites to improving the situation of homelessness. In Municipal Strategies to Address Homelessness in British Columbia, they state:
[Canadian] Municipalities varied widely in the types of tools used to address homelessness and affordable housing. The most common tool utilized by the forty-nine municipalities and five regional districts who responded to the survey was the legalization of secondary suites, a tool used by sixty-three percent of the respondents.
Maybe there is something to the messy business of reaching back into our past and retrofitting our older homes. More importantly, perhaps we should reconsider the value of relaxing building code provisions relating to secondary suites within/attached to a primary residence. What is more important -- meeting code or producing more housing? Where is the a middle ground where we can maximize both life-safety and affordable housing?