Feb 23, 2014

New legal dwellings 2005-2012

Spatial distribution of new legal one- and two-family dwellings (show in blue) around Diamond Head, issued permits between 2005-2012:

Information was exported from excel to ArcGIS to a kml file into Google Earth.

An overlay compares new one- and two-family dwellings to homes that are suspicious for containing an illegal Accessory Dwelling Unit (iADU). 
  • iADUs occur even in the most expensive neighborhoods in Honolulu.
  • iADUs are being installed at the same time or within a few years of the new one- and two-family dwelling.  

SFD: Single-Family Dwelling
TFD: Two-Family Dwelling 
iADU: illegal Accessory Dwelling Unit (flagged as suspicious by the local building department -- a potential independent living area with a separate entry).