Dec 28, 2012

IBC 2006 and IRC 2006 adopted in Honolulu

  • The Bill also amends provisions in Chapter 16 relating to the relocation of buildings, factory-built buildings, energy conservation, swimming pools, violations and penalties, regulations within flood hazard areas and development adjacent to drainage facilities; amends Article 12 relating to indigenous Hawaiian architecture; and adds new Articles relating to adoption of the International Existing Building Code, Hawaii residential safe rooms (to resist hurricanes), and public high occupancy buildings, respectively. 
  • You can trace the legislative history and public testimony here.
  • Minutes from the Committee on Planning and Zoning are here.  Discussion starts on page 11. 
    • There is an interesting comment that "Under a State law that was passed, automatic sprinklers for residential buildings are no longer a requirement and the City would not be able to propose it as a requirement."
    • According the minutes (page 2) Samuel S. Dannaway, who with the support and recommendation by DPP, is being appointed to the Building Board of Appeals, "stated that each county should have their own building code rather than one statewide building code regulating all the counties." That's a rather controversial position for him to take and ironic since they voted to adopt the 2006 IBC later that same meeting. According to the minutes, "Mr. Dannaway, a fire protection engineer who is knowledgeable on both building and fire codes, was highly recommended by Acting Division Chief Hiu."
  • 9/20/2012 Report of the Committee on Planning and Zoning
  • Honolulu Ordinance 12-34 became Bill 35 (2010) officially adopting the International Building Code 2006. The bill became effective on the date of its adoption on Oct 18, 2012.