May 27, 2012

ADU's in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is currently considering an ADU Ordinance.
Their planners have provided some interesting options that address the concerns that neighborhoods will be overrun by cars.

A few of the options they are considering
1) limit the number of ADU permits to 25/year
2) limit ADU eligible properties to those that are within 1/2 mile to a transit hub
3) specify min # of stalls that must be provided
4) limit occupancy to a specific # of people

It should be noted that just because the options are listed, does not mean that City Dept staff supports it. For example, verifying owner-occupancy is difficult and the inspectors have recommended that specific criteria or tests of owner-occupancy be written into the ordinance. Interestingly, another Dept Staff member objected to limiting the # of ADU permits.

One of the reports (see below) was issued June 22, 2011. It shows the thought process other cities go through when considering a 2nd unit ordinance that supports seniors, promoting sustainability and affordable housing. Salt Lake City appears to be carefully weighing their options and taking the time to gather public opinion, input from various city agencies and other programs around the world.

The report below was released more recently on May 16, 2012.It seems to be more focused on the language of a proposed ordinance and how to address concerns for parking and neighborhood character. The report also quantifies the number of residential properties that would be affected if the bill passes.That sounds like a great idea for Honolulu to do as well. However, I would add that many of the properties that could host a legal 2nd dwelling unit may already have an illegal rec room rental, so it would not be a straightforward calculation. One would want to estimate the number of illegal units.

2012.05.16_Salt Lake City_Options for ADU Ordinance

2011.06.22_Salt Lake City_Planning Commission Staff Report_ADUs