May 30, 2012

IBC 2006 (pending)

The International Building Code (IBC) 2006 is working its way through the City Council.

  • Providing new inspection requirements for construction in flood zones.
  • Amending the I-I and 1-2 Adult Residential Care Facilities definition.
  • Permitting unvented attics.
  • Defining wind-borne debris regions.
  • The amendment to the Adult Residential Care Facilities definition was proposed to be consistent with the State’s licensing definition as it relates to the Building Code.
  • Safe-rooms are not a requirement but there are standards for it in the 2006 IBC.

The latest amendment CD2 has been posted on the City website.

Per Tim Hiu, Acting Bldg Division Chief, although not official adopted, the Dept of Planning & Permitting is currently allowing permits to be issued under the amended 2006 IBC. The local amendments will make the IBC 2006 less restrictive in determining the wind load requirements.

You can view the IBC 2006 online FREE. But it's piecemeal and does not include the local amendments.