Aug 3, 2011

ADU Resolution Introduced in Honolulu

It's official! But the process has only just begun.
I've been working with City Councilman Tom Berg's office, providing research and recommendations for the Resolution. Berg introduced the ADU Resolution on 7/22/11. It now needs to be heard/voted on in Zoning & Planning Committee mtg then voted on again by the full City Council.

If the Resolution is approved:
Then the Dept of Planning and Permitting (DPP) is required to prepare a Report and proposed Bill for an Ordinance on ADU's and submit it to the Planning Commission. Although the Resolution has an attached recommended Ordinance already written as an attachment (Exhibit A), it is not binding yet. Next, the Planning Commission reviews and makes its own recommendations (if any) to DPP's Report and proposed Bill for an Ordinance, which then goes back and forth between the City Council and the Zoning and Planning Committee (to be heard for 3 readings) and then back to the City Council one last time for approval, whereupon it becomes an Ordinance.

It's no wonder the lawmaking process is so cumbersome and the final result can vary so greatly from the original intent.