Mar 24, 2011

Bill 11 (2011): Height Limits

The City & County of Honolulu's Zoning Committee is considering Bill 11 (2011)  that would require Special Inspections for complaints on Height encroachments. 

Not sure what this will accomplish. 

Building beyond the height limit is not legal now. This law would create more paperwork in the permit process. The Bill seems more effective in shifting the blame for mistakes (from City Inspectors), rather than working to prevent them altogether. For example, the law does not propose to clarify the definition of max allowable height or the height envelope -- no doubt a source of confusion if between the plan maker, City Plans Examiner, and builder -- there is ambiguity on exactly how high a structure should/could be built. 

Lastly, this Bill will not improve public safety or help stimulate construction or the economy... so why do it?