Feb 11, 2011

ADU's make it into State Legislative Report

The purpose of the Home for Life Task Force (HFLTF) is to develop a comprehensive public policy program to support family caregivers who provide unpaid, informal assistance to persons sixty and older with physical or cognitive disabilities. The Committee will consider providing support in categories including but not limited to: coordinated services and policies, training and education, respite services, financial incentives and balancing work and caregiving.

Interestingly, the needs of Seniors aligns with our community's need to improve Housing Affordability a.k.a. Workforce Housing.The two have common goals and synergize the effectiveness of each other's efforts.

Through the efforts of Mike Lau, Architect of All Kinds Drafting Services, William Brizee, AIA, LEED AP (CEO of Architects Hawaii), and myself, the full text on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) was incorporated into the 2011 Interim (Progress) Report. Hooray Team!