Oct 21, 2010

Housing Options for Seniors

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Creating a communal home environment as an alternative to a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.

An example called Green Houses took root in Mississippi and is spreading throughout multiple states. The concept differs from co-housing in that the kitchen facilities are centralized and Green Houses feature a higher level of medical support.

The Honolulu Land Use Ordinance allows Care Homes within residential zoned properties by extending the definition of "family" to include "8 or fewer persons who reside in an adult residential care home, a special treatment facility or other similar facility monitored and/or licensed by the State of Hawaii shall be considered a family." However, greater than 8 individuals will require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). To be financially feasible, each Green House may need to serve 10 or more Seniors.

More information and a video on Green Houses for Seniors.

The above link and further information for Seniors can be found on the Legislative Reference Bureau blog.