Sep 25, 2010

Projected # of ADU's in Honolulu, based on Dept of Planning & Permitting data

The very low # of Ohana Dwelling permits issued in Honolulu (see chart - right) suggests that Ohana Dwelling requirements are too restrictive. 

In 2008 and 2009, Ohana Permits were 1.4% and 1.2% of New Dwelling Permits (based on Honolulu Dept of Planning & Permitting data).

In fact, there were more Relocation Permits than Ohana Permits, meaning that people found it more desirable to haul an entire house from one property to another and spend the money on retrofits to bring it up to code, rather than apply for an Ohana Permit.

Honolulu vs Santa Cruz: 
  • Santa Cruz's ADU's = ~55% of New Dwelling permits
  • Honolulu Ohanas = ~1% of New Dwelling permits... (we need to change!)

If Honolulu allowed ADU's and had similar adoption rates as Santa Cruz, we would expect approx 428 new affordable housing units per year, without any government subsidy.