Aug 1, 2010

ADU's: Renewalable Revenue

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU's produce a stream of recurring revenue every month: property taxes, rental income and utility metering fees are not one-time. 

Collectively these fees can add up to over $1 million ever month.

A landlord will pay 4% GET on rental income.
Assuming Rent at $1,100 x 4% = $44/month in GET
  • In exchange, the Landlord can rest assured that their rental unit is legal and they don't have to be afraid of getting turned into the local Building Department by a disgruntled tenant.
  • ADU's will increase the number of new Sewer Customers. The community benefits by sharing the costs of sewer upgrades amongst a greater number of new customers, to help shoulder the costs. Sewer costs may then not increase at all, or increase significantly less.
Everyone gets to share a piece of the pie.
And that's why ADU's are a million dollar idea.