May 29, 2010

What Bill 24 means to you and meeting Hanabusa

If it passes, Bill 24 will allow landowners of large parcels of residential zoned land to more easily add multiple dwellings on their property.

We recently attended the Okinawan Fair for Seniors. At the fair, I got to shake Charles Djou's hand at the fair. Later, Colleen Hanabusa came around to our table. She has a firm handshake by the way. In explaining how the Zoning Code Bill would streamline the permit process for people, I told Ms. Hanabusa, "oh you already know this, since you're on the Council." To which she took a step back and bringing index finger to chin said, "Actually, I'm not."

To my horrified (but dimwitted) realization, it dawned on me why they call her Senator. GRIN. I apologize Senator Hanabusa! Well, had I made that comment a few minutes earlier to Djou, all would be well. Except, he didn't seem as interested in what I had to say as Senator Hnabusa. Hmmm.

If you missed us at the Fair, you can read our handouts below.

2010.05.14_8.5x11_backside handout_Revised LUO_FINAL -

2010.05.14_8.5x11_frontside handout_Ohana_FINAL -