Apr 9, 2010

IKEA Commission of ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units)

Description for this video by a Housing Commissioner for the City of Arizona Description reads:
"As the City of Sedona considers the affordable housing issue and a draft proposal permitting Accessory Dwelling Units on properties zoned single family residential, I took a field trip to IKEA in Tempe and interviewed housing commissioner, Karen von Merveldt-Guevara. She took a tour of 2 designs.

The first floor plan we toured was 748 square feet, at the larger end of what the city may allow and the second, 376 square feet, is at the smaller end of the size allowance."

If you've ever walked around IKEA, you know the displays are beautiful and terribly efficient. Who wouldn't want to move right into the IKEA showroom?!

What but this video was insane in the simplicity of it. They walked around IKEA and compared the square footages with what can be done with an interior space. 

OK, so Honolulu should definitely allow ADU's but only if they are designed by an IKEA Commission, which i happily submit my application to supervise! The job will require numerous trips to an IKEA outlets for purely research purposes, of course.